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  1. If the rise of renewable energy is a very good thing for the environment, it represents a big challenge for the stability of the current ageing grid and the balance of energy supply and demand
  2. Also, the incentives to promote renewable energy like net metering will soon terminate and Prosumers will be encouraged to store their energy, increase self consumptions and share their spare energy with their neighbours rather than feeding it back to the grid for a fraction of its market value
  3. And this will generate a new problem, an explosion of small transactions in real time that are impossible and expensive to manage in the traditional way

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Our Solution

The solution we develop is based on the combination of IoT devices and the blockchain technology. Our IoT devices create a network of nodes in a local Micro-Grid to allow people to exchange energy peer to peer. While the blockchain platform simplifies the management of their transactions. The blockchain, or more in general a distributed cryptographic ledger, is a technology that has been applied so far in the fintech field and allows to record in real time transactions on a distributed database, making them irreversible, safer and more accessible.

How it works

How It Works

First you install one of our IoT device and register to our platform. Then, for every kWh of energy produced, 1 energy coin will be generated in real time by Dajie platform and stored in a safe wallet. There are several possible applications, but let's focus here on 3 use cases:
  1. Nowadays small prosumers don’t get compensated for the CO2 they contribute to reduce in the environment. With our energy coin you can finally redeem your carbon credit. Just in the Netherlands there are already over 300 thousand prosumers and $6 million of uncollected carbon credits
  2. Then energy companies can use the coins and our blockchain to get paid for the energy and services they provide to their customers, substantially reducing their administrative costs
  3. Communities will be able to share energy peer to peer in a local neighbourhood at a better price than what they can get feeding that energy back to the grid.

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